Hints and Tips

Intermediate Bonsai – Thomas L. Zane

Air layering – Updated

Approach graft – Updated

Compost Mediums & Mixes

Drastic change of growth direction – Updated

Fertilisation – David Wilson

Germinating seeds – Paul Hunt

Group planting – Don Smith

Growth Calendar – David Wilson

Mycelium – Paul Hunt

The right pot for your Bonsai – Bonsai4me

Picking material – Updated

Potting and Repotting – Updated

Raffia – Updated

Rocks for Sekijoju – Paul Hunt

Root over rock Bonsai trees

Routine Maintenance – Paul Hunt

Sharpening bonsai tools – Updated

Thread Grafting – Don Smith

Watering – UpdatedRoutine Maintenance

Wrap Around – Graham Morris

Yew Project – Steve Dolan