Membership Fees

Annual individual Membership Fees
● £36.00 or 2x £18.00 (includes free membership of the SYBS WhatsApp group)

Under 16s. free when with a member.

Visitors may attend 2 meetings for £3.00 each time, Should they subsequently join,  this will be deducted from the annual fee. If you choose not to become a member you can join the SYBS WhatsApp group for a £5 per year subscription.

 A further £2 is payable on the night by members and visitors when a speaker is booked.

House Keeping 

● No lime sulphur [or similar] to be used within the Club House.
● Smoking to take place outside the Club House.
● Members to clear and take home their own mess away after workshops.
● Members must bring there own potting trays to contain mess.

● Members may bring bonsai-related items for sale at any time
Subject to the donation of 10% of the price to the club.